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Mistress of UReviews
Mistress of UReviews

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PostSubject: Jug of Sense   Jug of Sense I_icon_minitimeSat May 11, 2013 7:49 pm

Common sense, that is. Everyone needs to drink in everything that has been written below. I don't want you all missing out on those little droplets either. Every little bit needs to be thoroughly stashed into your brains. Get drunk off of this stuff then go par-tay in another board.



Introductions are in order!

Before you do anything else in this forum, after you've signed up and read all the rules, please post a little about yourself in the INTRODUCTIONS board so we can get to know you a little better. When someone signs up and immediately starts hopping around in one topic to another, we might start to wonder who you are, but are unable to find out because...well, you didn't make an introduction.

No introductory will result in a simple request for you to create one.


You must be active. Really, it's a must. While, yes, there are times when you won't be able to come online for a while--such as school exams, vacation, and illness--you'll need to stay as active as possible. If you have not logged on in thirty (30) days, you'll be deleted from the forum. If you have been logging on, but have not posted anything within sixty (60) days, you'll be deleted from the forum. Writers tend to have a constant imagination and greed for knowledge on writing capabilities. Flex your brain muscles, ask questions, create some contests, or jump into games. Just remain active.

If for some reason you were unable to log in within thirty (30) days, and you find your account is no longer with us, please feel free to sign up again. If you were in a special group before, you will be placed in it again. (See, I'm a nice admin!)

No logging in within thirty (30) days will result in your deletion on the forums.
No having posted within sixty (60) days will result in your deletion on the forums.

You will receive an e-mail stating that you have not logged on within the set amount of days, giving you extra time to jump back on.

Spammers are writers, too.

Therefore, I've created the SPAMMEH board. Serious Periods of Amazing Migraines Might Exist Here. Annoy us with your jibber jabber of nonsense in this place. Give us all the migraines you can dish out, because we can take them! (Actually, I hate migraines, so I'll be staying far from that board.) If you are in any other board, you must stay on topic, or you will receive a warning. This goes for one word posts as well, unless it states it's allowed in a forum.

Spam includes (but is not limited to) one-worded responses in topics created by a member, chat-speak, constantly repeating the same thing, being completely off-topic, caps lock, double-posting, and simply posting to up your count and WS.

For double-posting to be allowed, there must not be a comment in that particular topic in two days or more. Bumping up topics just for them to be noticed is not allowed.

Spamming in the wrong directory will result in a verbal warning.
If it persists, you will not be able to gain access to specific boards and 250 WS will be subtracted.
Again: You will be banned for five (5) days.
Then: Termination.


Language is open to all. This is a place for people to write--vent their emotions and create an epidemic of words. Who am I to stand in the way of what you wish to speak on in whatever way. However, if you use excessive amounts of it for no reason, there will be a warning. Like I say in reality, "I'm not fond of the F word, but if you use it and make me laugh, it's fine. Only the times when you say it and it's pointless to use the word does it piss me off." Which is just great...because now my friend uses it all the time, and each time he does he makes me crack up.

Innapropriate language for the wrong reasons will result in a verbal warning and your reputation to be taken away.
If it persists, you will be banned for five (5) days.
Again: Termination.

Respect, yo!

Respect is given to all members and admins of the board. If you're a racist, chauvinistic pig, keep it to yourself. Don't make it known. If you have a personal problem with someone, go at it in PM and try to get over yourselves that way. If someone persists in bothering you, PM an admin and we will deal with it. Unless in a joking manner, there will be no bashing, flaming, butt-kicking, or face-mauling of any sort. This all goes for reviewing as well. Don't insult the author of a piece, but make sure you dish it out with the work if it needs it.

Anyone not giving the proper respect to another will have 250 WS subtracted and a verbal warning.
If it continues, five (5) days of being banned.
Again: Terminated.

Offsite Linking

For the moment, there is just one thing you are allowed to link to, and that is any other writing and critiquing sites that you believe can be helpful, or that you yourself have joined up with. You can post the links and what the site is all about in the WRITE-AND-CRITIQUE SITES board. Or even in your personal blog if you have one.

Any offsite linking that doesn't deal with the critiquing exposure will result in a verbal warning, 150 WS deducted, and reputation taken away.
Again, and you will have limited access to specific boards in this forum.
Again, you will have five (5) days of being banned.
Finally: Termination.

No, I'm not talking about cigars, here. Signatures are not to be inappropriate. If it offends someone, and we know if it might or not, you will be asked to take it off. For signature banners, make sure not to make the size gargantuan and stretch out the page. If you don't comply, we will arrest you. Uh...or the following, rather.

If the signature is inappropriate or too large of a file size, it will be taken off without comment.

A second time and there will be a verbal warning.
A third and you will be banned for five (5) days.
Finally: Termination. (And you won't be back.)


To put it simply: this is a ban. You're writers, you should know what this stuff is and come up with your own ideas, not steal someone else's.

Any notification of plaigarism will result in your termination.

Ummm, they just did something bad (aka reporting).
If you feel the need to report someone for something they've done in a topic, simply click the "!" symbol in the upper right field of their post. It will take you to a reporting post where you can click on the drop-down menu for the following: spamming, inappropriate language, trying to start a fight, and misc. After that, give a brief explanation and it will be taken care of.

Do not abuse this feature.

Inappropriate reporting of a person will cause 200 WS to be subtracted.
Again: You will be banned for five (5) days.
And then: Termination.

Have fun!

Well, honestly there's nothing else to say on this one. There's technically not even a reprimand we can give you if you don't have fun. You can be the grouch that stole fun while you're on this board if you want, really. Just make sure you obey the rules!

Oh...and by the way...welcome to UReviews! Very Happy
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Jug of Sense
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